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META Firmis known as international company that  takes a leading position on a sales market. More than 40 years of experience in the field of innovative storage systems and high competence, have made this company famous all over the world. Qualified consultations, modern systems and personal initiative of employees are a guarantee of advantageous and fast implementation of your intentions.

Success through experience. The concept, planning and organization of the warehouse require special know - how.

META experts possess not only a professional knowledge, but also many years of experience in this field, as well as the high practical skills. First - hand products. You can rely on META in all aspects of logistics, from consultations to designing and planning of your warehouse. You can contact a qualified МЕТА staff in regional centers. Individual approach, consultation and technical maintenance - all at the highest level! This is the distinguishing feature of META.


1896 Caspar Schnettler founded a nail factory which was later complemented by an own cold rolling mill. The first and second world war left its marks and lead to the new building of the production lines.

In 1963 modular steel shelving systems were produced for the first time for household and industry. New premises in the industrial area called "Große Wiese" were bought in 1969.

META became META - Regalbau GmbH & Co. KG. In the new 5000 sqm production hall more efficient production methods for the production of the steel racks could have been realized. With the subsidiary in Graz/Austria founded in 1972, META became market leader for domestic racks on the Austrian market.

1986 Mr. Joachim Loh, Haiger bought the company. It was now part of the Joachim - Loh group.

This group includes such enterprises as HAILO, EXPRESSO and Cargo FITT. The businessman Loh extended META to a producer of professional storage technique and invested immediately in modern production lines.

In 2000, a new office building at the site in Arnsberg created room for the whole administration as well as a multimedia-based showroom and training rooms.

Already at the beginning of the new millenium, subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Poland were founded.

Today, Loh - Gruppe enterprises is family business. Despite that, Joachim Loh has left META in 2002. Eckhard Radke became a CEO. Later on Rainer Haupt headed the firm in Haiger.

Today, META is a leading firm on warehousing equipment market in Germany.

Several factors made it possible: the consecutive building of enterprises and large innovative potential, which requires constant further development from product to product.


META ensures you that you will be satisfied with the best quality, long - term partnership and short delivery time. All META warehousing equipment based on modern PPS and CAD/CAM technologies.  Besides, all META products meet RAL-G and BGR 234 requirements.

Constant monitoring by independent institutions.

META is one of the very first European manufacturers in the warehouseequipment industry that is certified on the basis of RAL - RG 614 European industry standards FEM 10.2.02.

META Multipal ® S was tested and analyzed under scientific aspects in accordance with FEM regulations. Besides, our enterprise is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001. Your advantage: guaranteed constant controlling and rechecking by independent institutions, for example, MPA in Dortmund.


META offers you warehousing equipment of the highest quality manufactured by modern PPS and CAD/CAM technologies. As a company that takes leading positions in the field of technology, naturally,  META is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Besides, all META products comply with RAL quality assurance and meet the BGR 234 operating safety requirements.

 You can purchase META products in St. - Petersburg and the Leningrad region from our authorised dealer "Metbiz" LLC.E-mail: sales@ metbiz.ru (sales department) info@metbiz.ru (general questions, dealership)


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