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Cantilever racks are used for storing long and large-dimensioned goods: metal-roll, building materials, rolls etc.The design of the cantilever racks consists of uprights, which have a support base at the bottom and vertical beams - arms that attached to the uprights in 3 ways: by welding, by bolts or by hooks. When fixing-up on bolts and hook, it is possible to change the height of arms, and thus change the height of tiers. Cross-bracing in each bay for easiest possible assembly and secure stability Strong foot support of the racks ensures a high reliability.

Field of application and special features

Cantilever racks suitable for storage of oversized goods: ducts, bundles in warehouses, retail areas, industrial facilities, rarely at home, garage or country cottage. For these purposes, “Metbiz” Company offers special deck and shelves that fasten to the rack arms converting it into a shelving rack of cantilever type. For storage of the goods in the vertical position, the following parts are available: dividers, limiters and other components.Depending on the required loads, cantilever racks can be light or heavy.

META MULTISTRONG cantilever racks:

  • World class highest quality
  • Durability and usability
  • Easy and fast access to the cargo
  • Individual ideas and requirements
  • We provide consulting, designing, manufacturing, delivery and installation.

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