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Metal shelving racks for garage allow to store in comfort seasonal tires, spare parts and different  inventory.

Fast assembly, reliable design, opportunity to Fast assembly, rugged construction, the ability to
free up the space of the accumulated property makes the presence of Meta shelving in any garage  indispensable.

You could choose and buy various models of Meta shelving racks: for garage, home, office,
warehouse and shop.

Rack for garage METASPEED - RACK Rack for garage METASPEED - RACK
image069 543207406_6.jpg
H*W*D 1970х2600х600 mm, 2 chipboard
shelves, galvanized.
1 section: 1970 х 600 х 600mm, 2 chipboard
shelves, 3 vertical dividers, galvanized.
2 section: 1970 х 2000 х 600mm, 2 chipboard  shelves Suitable for storage of gardening tool
(shovels, rake)
H*W*D 1970х2600х600 mm, 3 chipboard
shelves, galvanized
1 section: 1970х600х600mm, 3 chipboard shelves
2 section: 1970х2000х600mm, 3 chipboard
shelves Suitable for tire storage


garazhnye-polki_1.jpg image073


Wide - span rack      Rack for tires           

Long parts rack

Quickly assembled shelving
structure. Effectively manages  tasks on storing components,
spare parts and other inventory.

For proper storing of tires and  wheels in vertical position.

Used for storing exhaust pipes
and other bulky parts.

Drum rack Cantilever rack for
Rack for automotivebulky
spare  parts
image075 image085 kyzov_1.jpg
Racks for storage of various
fluids in the garage: oil, paint.
Shelving equipment for
safe and reliable storage of
For storage of bumpers,
mudguards, exhaust pipes

Purchase shelving for garage

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Garage rack is a right solution and reliable shelving equipment.
We have many variations of the design for garage racks and if you haven’t chosen one yet, our
specialists will assist you to make a right choice and offer you an optimal solution.

Racks for tire storage
Quickly assembled and convenient metal racks for tires used for tire and rim storage in the
garage, tire fitting shops, tire hotels.
Meta shelving system has a simple design, assembles and disassembles in several minutes and
suitable for storing tires and wheels.