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Inclined rack for various purposes!

META inclined rack with pre - fixed frame for high stability and the ability to withstand heavy loads.

Admissible load for each shelf - 200 kg. META CLIP is ideal for storing small heavy items, for
example, trays with nuts.

Boxes slide down the 18° inclined surface to the take-out side virtually automatically.

META CLIP S3 – fast and reliable.

Simple and quick to assemble push-in shelves design, divided by in-fill strips.

Entire top level can be used for storage, as there are no cross-struts.

No transition edges on the shelves in the downward direction.

Small front stop bar allows crates and cartons to be taken out easily.

Shelf heights are adjustable in 25 mm steps.

Good price-quality ratio.

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Inclined racks price-list (245 kb, *.pdf)