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502656006_6.jpgМЕТА COMPACT office shelves

versatile shelves for documents, blueprints and office accessories.


Meta Compact office shelves allow to successfully resolving a problem of safe storing of big amount of documents as  in electronic, as well as in paper roam, books, catalogues, small office equipment. Set of additional accessories rises the
efficiency of the shelves. It can be additionally equipped with drawers, bays and hanging file and folder racks.
Metal office shelves for office is an essential element in any organization.
With META shelving  equipment, it would be easy to implement convenient and efficient storing of documentation, card- registers, office property and others.

Office shelf racks has the following specifications:

  • Height: 1 850, 2 200, 2 550 mm.
  • Depth: 300 mm (single-sided); 600 mm (double-sided).
  • Standard length: 750, 1 000, 1 250, 1 300 mm
  • Section width: 750, 1000 or 1250 mm.
  • Maximum shelf load: 80 kg.
  • Maximum admissible section load: 980 kg.
  • Shelf height adjustable in: 25 mm.
  • Shelves gap: 325 mm.

Competitive advantages:

  • Shelf height adjustable in every 25 mm. This allows to use space efficiently.
  • Office shelf racks can be equipped with wide variety of options – side panels (perforated and plain), doors of  different height, retractable shelves and drawers, dividers, retractable filing system, plinths.
  • One-sided and two-sided access (narrow and wide frames. Center shelves with dividing plank).
  • Load safety factor - 2.
  • Made in Germany.
  • 5 years of warranty.


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Meta Clip Shelf racks - convenient and functional shelving equipment with guarantee of reliability
and quality.

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