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kupit-gravitazionnye_1.jpgGravity fed racks is dynamical shelving
system that allows optimal control over the goods with an expiration date and significantly
reduces running costs. If a packaging unit becomes empty and is then removed, the next unit  slides down automatically, which does not require electrical power usage. It utilizes FIFO
principle (First-in/First-out): the goods loaded in first are also the first to be taken out.

Advantages and range of application

In using storage equipment such as gravity shelves, it becomes possible to control large volumes  of products with a limited shelf and sale life. It concerns chemical, pharmaceutical, food and  cosmetic industries, since the precise organization is very important, which allows to use of human resources and functionality of the storage systems efficiently. The main advantage of gravity racks is the FIFO principle (First-in/First-out): the goods loaded in first are also the first to be taken out – the goods moves under their own weight and gravity. The list of application of such storage system is endless, as gravity racks may be used for an  assortment of products of all types and sizes. However, it is particularly important where there is  a need for strict inventory and control over perishable goods or goods with limited shelf life. Another advantage that requires attention, is that using gravity racks as shelving storage
equipment can significantly reduce the number of passes of loading machines, because only two
is required for handling the pallets - for initial loading and final unloading. It allows to increase
the functionality of the warehouse facilities and avoid additional construction works, hence new

Racks design and features733389406_6.jpg

The structure of the warehouse gravity racks system distinguished by its static nature and mobility. By using the inclined roller strips that set at an angle of 3-5 degrees, the loaded pallet is moved from the top of the structure downwards. The modular frame system provide three types of modules: loading, central and unloading. Their design features allow to adjust the load movement speed. Soft braking system stops movement of boxes or pallets, allowing to safely pull out the goods after the selection by a sorter.

Frames and beams assembled into a frame have an increased strength ratio, because  steel of high quality is used in the production of elements. Itallowstoplace the goods, which can create a load up to 2 000 kg per 1 square meter. The only restrictions on overall dimensions of design can be the characteristics of loaded objects.

Gravity fed racks – recognized quality and durability

As the official representative of the German META Сompany, that has been manufacturing
high-quality shelving systems for storage, the "Metbiz" Сompany provides full support of
the projects for calculation and maintenance of storage equipment. Considering wishes of our
customers, we can offer the gravity fed racks with powder coating.
By carrying out a range of services, the "Metbiz" Company strives to satisfy interests and
needs of its customers. Many years of experience on the market of warehouse equipment allows
us to offer not only a reliable gravity fed system, but also to carry out implementation of the
project, including the measurement of facilities, choosing the most effective option, design and
delivery. Project package includes installation and maintenance of equipment.
Gravity pallet racks, which you can buy directly on our website, will help you to get maximum
benefit from the existing warehouse space and reduce storage costs of any assortment of
products. Contacting us, you are getting a quality assurance, reliability and safety of the use of
shelving equipment, which has already received a recognition from the European industry.

Advantages of gravity fed racks:

  • Entire top level can be used for storage, as there are no cross-struts.
  • Boxes slide down to the take-out side by using the inclined roller strips.
  • Roller strips can be additionally equipped with lateral guides depending on size of the goods.
  • Roller guides can be repositioned into a 6 mm frame and shelves in 50 mm.
  • Small front stop bar allows crates and cartons to be taken out easily
  • The main components are based on the proven META MINI-RACK shelving system.

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