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509682206_6.jpg  META MINI - RACK - alternative to pallet racks!

Large, oversized and heavy items better to store on META MINI-RACK wide-span racks. Shelfloadisupto 600 kg andentirerackloadisupto 4600 with evenly distributed load–features that indicates benefits of these racks. Wide-spanpartsalloweasilytoplaceandtakeoutitemson/off the shelf. Innovative wide-span rack can be used in creation of multi-tier shelving system. Thisandmanyothercombiningoptionsmake META MINI-RACK bestsellers, which will find their application in any sphere. 

  • Shelfload: upto 600 kg. max, withevenlydistributedload.
  • Entirerackload: upto 4600 kg max, withevenlydistributedload.
  • The shelves can be adjusted in 50 mmsteps.
  • Easy to assemble.


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