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META CLIP ® cabinet modules and storage equipment - it is easy combinable structures for equipping of indoor workplaces, such as storerooms for tools and materials storage, as well as workshops. Limitless variety of options of individual constructions combining.

META metal cabinets - a modular system that allows easily designing the space and optimally implementing any solutions of yours. Our cabinets give you an opportunity to create single - handedly the interiors of your office, workshops or salesrooms, to optimize storage areas, using a combination of open and closed storage places, cabinets and racks of different heights by embedding boxes, suspension systems, sliding shelves or hangers. The main constructive elements of META metal cabinets are side frame, back panel, shelves and doors. All META constructions can be ideally assembled and disassembled, compactly stored and easily transported. All elements of META cabinets has boltless design, which reduces assembling time and makes it very easy.

Cabinets Description Article Price, rub.
image032 clamshell door (bottom, ½ of cabinet) 
Height: 2000 mm.
Width: 1000 mm. 
Depth: 500 mm.
Number of shelves - 6
67907 27717

image031 clamshell door attop, 3 shelves
without dividers with central lock 
Height: 2000 mm.
Width: 1056 mm.
Depth: 536 mm.
3 drawers by 100 mm and 3 drawers
by 200 mm.
image004 Solid door
Height: 2000 mm.
Width: 1000 mm.
Depth: 500 mm.
alternative section depth: 400mm/600mm
number of shelves - 5


shkaf-4_0.jpg 3 drawersby 100 mm height.
3 drawersby 200 mm height.
numberof shelves - 3
Height: 2000 mm.
Width: 1000 mm.
Depth: 500 mm.
98994 61813

komputerniyshkaf.jpg Forworkingcomputer (server) andperipherals, withbackpanel, solidframeanddrawing shelf,
1/4 clamshell doors, 4 MS 230 shelves,
floor anchoring.
Shelfload: 230 kgand 70 kg for drawing shelf.
Accessories for metal shelf racks

Advantages of META metal cabinets

Reliability and durability. For all metal furniture, META Company gives a 5 years of warranty.

Versatility allows to assemble the following:

  • office furniture;
  • working place of computer expert;
  • retail equipment;
  • organizing of storage space for spare parts and materials in workshop;
  • workstation in car service center;
  • elegant office cabinet.

The set of META metal furniture elements allows to implement any of your ideas in optimal way.

Modernity – wide color palette of polymeric coating – from standard light gray to your corporate  colors! A large number of stylish accessories will make META metal cabinets indispensable part  of your office interior.

Advantages of META cabinets:

  • 100 and 200 mm. height drawers that allow to insert inside various dvivders.
  • retractable shelves;
  • suspension file rack systems on telescopic rails;
  • shelves height adjustable in 25 mm. with possibility of quick removal;
  • securely locked doors and drawers;
  • various dividers, trays for bulk materials etc.

All this and many other pleasant small things that are used in our metal cabinets, will bring a lot  of comfort during the organization of your office or workspace, enhance its aattractiveness and  will create a comfort for the employees.

Compatibility. All cabinets represent a construction kit, which allows to assemble any number  of furniture by combining racks, metal cabinets and drawer units. Besides, you can easily to  complete the set afterwards, or to divide it and place elements in separate rooms.

META cabinets have a polymeric coating and RAL 7035 (light gray) standard color. Other color  – at customer’s request.

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