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"Metbiz" Company offers to buy German metal shelving racks for warehouse. We guarantee  a wide choice of shelving equipment for warehouse that corresponds to all requirements and  wishes of the customer.

META Shelving systems have proven to be modern and reliable equipment for warehouses and  other facilities. 5 years of warranty on all products!

META Metal shelving racks for warehouse:

image023   Shelving racks Pallet

Pallet racks  


Warehouse cantilever racks

Used for storing of small
packaged goods. Models on
hooks, clips and bolts available.
Pallet racks for warehouse.
Used for storing cargoes on  pallets. Push-back and drive- through.
Used for storing long goods,
building materials, metal-roll.


Mobile racks   


Gravity fed racks


Mezzanine racks

Allow to increase storage area
up to 60%!
Metal shelving racks for
warehouse that save working  time.
Mezzanine racks allow to
utilize storing area with
maximum efficiency.

Over many decades of development, the META company has accumulated a tremendous experience in the manufacturing of shelving systems.

On our site you can find shelving equipment for warehouse that exactly match your needs,  depending on the facility, type of cargo and required loads.

Advantages of META shelving equipment

Only ThyssenKrupp German steel of highest quality is used for the manufacture of metal shelving equipment for warehouse.

Top quality products. The precision of manufacturing of shelving systems is so high that any defects in the design simply impossible. For example, after manufacturing, each shelf is being tested to confirm the highest quality products.

Galvanized coating. Galvanization allows to prevent formation of corrosion.

At customer's request, racks for warehouse can be painted with polymeric paint in any color. If necessary to use shelving systems in a hostile environment, all parts subjected to hot-dip galvanization by Sendzimir method.