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Metal wardrobe cabinet production in Saint-Petersburg

The modern wardrobes and overall cabinets are usually made of metal or wood. With no doubt, metal wardrobe cabinets are long lived and at lower price.

Wood cabinets are usually chosen because they are nice. They perfectly pass for example for museum wardrobe. On the other side by modern coloration the appearance of metal cabinets can be not worthier than as from wood.

A lot of sport clubs, swimming pools and manufactures are using metal wardrobe cabinets. They are very hard to scratch, easy to wash and long time look as good as new.

There are a lot of types of wardrobe cabinets. First, they can have different number of doors: they are divided in different number of sections. Second, they can be made for different number  of persons. Usually one cabinet is for one person, but sometimes there are many workers. In such case rational would be to buy one roomy rack, but for two. 

In the third place, they vary bydifferent quantity and purpose of use of interior space. For example, they order double-door-cabinet with two different sections for one person. This variation can be good for storage of dirty and clean clothes in the same time that is not in contact with each other.

The metal cabinet can be equipped with different additional sections and accessories: shelves for hats and scarfs, shoes sections und shoulders.

Air holes play a very big role for making overalls and sport clothes dry and aired.

Important is quality of locks. There are systems, that allowed you not to break a rack itself but only to change the lock core if the key is going lost.

Through demountable construction of  the most modern cabinets they are easy to transport and to equip with new sections.


Size: 1860x600(500/800)x500 mm.

Metal portable rack with two sections. For clothing storage. Each section provides one hat shelf, hanging rod and two hooks. Deadbolt. Fresh air louvers. Adjustable legs.

Polymer powder coating, available in light grey color (RAL 7035).

Shipping options: portable, assembled.

Accessories: padlock door loops, garment rack, shoulders (paid additionaly).

Certified product.

Customized size and color.






Size: 1860x300x500 mm, weight 30 kg

Metal portable single section rack with two units, wich are provided by its own door with deadbolt and hanging rod.


Polymer powder coating, avaliable in grey color.







Size: 1860x400x500 mm, weight 39 kg


Metal portable clothes storage rack. Single section rack with one door and two units with steel separation screen. Deadbolt.


Polymer powder coating, available in grey color.