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META metal shelving racks applicable for storing small goods and can be services without handling machinery. These shelving systems are optimal option for house, garage, office or warehouse in case, if individual shelf load stays within 400 kg limits.

Dismountable metal racks of shelf type – it is simple and convenient equipment for storing an inventory. Snap-together design makes assembling very simple and gives an opportunity quickly  change configuration of the rack (shelves gaps, number of sections)

We offer plenty of options of shelf racks: galvanized and painted, hook-on and clip-on, with
additional accessories.

Purchase META Wide - span racks:

image023 image003 502657006_5.jpg
Boltless wide-span rack. All-
purpose, collapsible shelving
Individual shelf load up 400 kg.
Versatile rack for storing folders,
documents and booklets. For offices,
archives and libraries.
Individual shelf load up 80 kg.
Metal shelving racks for high-ceilinged,  automated and mezzanine warehouses.
Individual shelf load up to 400 kg.
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META FIX (bolted) META CLIP accessories

Efficient solution for organization of the working area, warehouse or
Individual shelf load up to 400 kg.

Panels, limiters, dividers,
plinths, drawers and other additional parts for METAL shelf racks.

Sales of metal shelving racks of European quality

META Company has accumulated richest experience in manufacturing and selling various types of shelving systems. It is safe to say that our products are guarantee of quality and reliability!

• All shelving systems are made of high quality materials.

• Metal shelving racks are versatile, fast-assembled equipment that successfully integrates into
any environment.

• Modern design makes our products quite notable among the rest, homotypic racks.

• Wide range of ready-made models and solutions

• We give 5 years of warranty for all metal racks.

To buy shelving racks in the "Metbiz" Сompany means to expand their living and working space, to find comfort and reliability!

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In comparison with bolted racks, CLIP shelving racks (boltless!) allow to make an assembly in


META CLIP racks are assembled out of pair of structural elements: shelves and frames. These
shelving racks ideally suitable for warehouses and shops. Through the usage of wide assortment of
additional parts, META CLIP racks allow to ensure a versatile application of shelving systems.

Technical specifications:

  • Standard height of uprights: 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4300, 4500 mm.
  • Standard depth of shelves: 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 mm.
  • Standard length: 750, 1000, 1250, 1300 mm.
  • Shelf load: 80, 100, 150, 230, 330, 400 kg.
  • Section load: up to 3 700 kg.
  • Shelves type: S, V, MS, Compact.
  • МЕТА CLIP rack frames used for assembling of multi-tier mezzanine structures with maximum
  • length of 6000-7000 mm.
  • Racks are pre-packed into a shipping package, because are frames delivered in dismantled
  • condition.
  • Shelf height adjustable in 25 mm.
  • Additionally, a polymeric coating can be applied.

Competitive advantages:

  • Versatile form-factor, which allow assembling racks, metal furniture, retail equipment or
  • mezzanine.
  • Thanks to the wide range of META CLIP accessories (drawers, doors, mesh and solid shelves,
  • dividers etc.) it is easy to assemble not only shelving racks, but retail equipment and metal
  • furniture.
  • Coating – galvanized rust-resistant (conforms to European standards) or painting.
  • Racks can be easily assembled into a series without using additional uprights.
  • Load safety factor - 2.
  • Section load conform to Russian average-loading racks.
  • Made in - Germany
  • 5 years of warranty.