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Mobile racks (movable, rolled over) - a shelving system that allow to achieve maximum holding
capacity of the warehouse. At that, each section and shelf always accessible.

Mobile shelving systems allow to store wide range of goods. Effectiveness of mobile racks
achieved by the way of reducing of passages between the sections.

You can buy mobile racks of light and heavy series. Specialists of our company will help you to
choose the best option possible, perform measurement of facility and do the planning.

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Light mobile racks Heavy mobile racks

Mobile racks design

Movable mobile shelving systems consist of shelving and pallet racks that placed onto mobile
platform. Movement of sections is done by flywheels.

Advantages of mobile racks

From a financial point of view, META mobile racks are quite beneficial. Mobile shelving systems significantly  increase the useful storage area, thus, make it possible to advantageously arrange a storage space.

Mobile racks allow to reduce building costs, for example, a high storage capacity gives a double profit through the use of mobile shelves in refrigerating chamber.

Metal mobile racks cost more than stationary ones, but you will save on the rental of storage space and loading equipment, which more than pays for the cost of mobile shelving systems.

Areas of application:

• Production – it is beneficial to use mobile racks in the warehouses with complete products in order to reduce storage space and to ensure of additional space for the needs of organization.

• Warehouses – application of mobile warehouse racks for storage of the small items allow to increase useful storage area up to 110%

• Seasonal tire storage – places of seasonal tire storage. Through the use of mobile racks, it is possible to increase the amount of stored tires and profits respectively.

• Archives - mobile racks make it possible to store a large amount of documents in a small area.