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To date, modular racks are the best solution for the storage of goods in warehouses, trading halls,living and office rooms. Due to modular design, installation of racks performed quick and easy.

The "Metbiz" Company offers to buy modular shelving equipment of various types and bundling. Depending on your requirements, we can find an optimal type of shelving system of German quality.

Range of modular racks:

Warehouse racks Home racks Garage Garage racks
548448006_6.jpg 538757006_6.jpg 538771206_6.jpg
Racks for metalware  Archive racks   Open rack
image009 image010 558967406_6.jpg
Office racks Racks for tool Cantilever racks
image003 502654006_5.jpg 509712606_6.jpg
Industrial racks

We offer to buy shelving equipment on clips, hooks or bolts where each of these types has its  own advantages.

Advantages of modular shelving systems

  • Prefabricated metal racks are mobile and optimal equipment for the storage of a wide  range of items and goods.
  • The modular design ensures the most advantageous use of the space (depends on the type  of shelving system).
  • High quality materials assure long lasting and reliable service
  • High-quality materials guarantee a long lasting and reliable service for many years.
  • Modular shelving consists of several elements, and does not require special skills for  assembly.
  • You can change the distance between the shelves or change the configuration of sections  at any time.

 Order shelving racks

 Contact our managers - they will gladly answer any questions, make the estimation and, if  necessary, will send experts to do the measurements of your facilities absolutely for free.

Meta metal shelving systems – a quality proven by more than a century of history.