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In case you want to buy our containers please contact our managers. They can provide you with all information you need and answer all your questions, also as help you to make an order.

Food containers

System 7000

System 9000

Industrial containers

Polystyrol containers (foam plastic)

Retaining bars for plastic containers

Tool modules

By order over 1000 pieces you can request you own color and logo. For smaller orders the containers are delivered in standard blue color with no logo putting on. The container service life is approximately 5 years.

How efficient you are using your warehouse so more successful you are. That’s why it is very important to store your wares properly.  Plastic containers are to help you. For their production there are used high quality polypropylene and polythen with temperature capability from -30 to +80 (different plastic containers have different index – for questions please contact our specialists).

Advantages of using warehouse plastic containers:

Efficient using of storage space

Best value for money

Small weight

Environmental friendliness

Variety in form and size

Good appearance

Illustratively, you are owner of warehouse 5 m2 in area. There are different metal items stored in pockets, wooden cases or just on floor. In this case there are not more than 600 kg items in warehouse. By using one 700 kg load storage rack with containers the stored quantity almost doubles. It takes only half storage space – the volume left can be used for container storage of 500 kg metal article.

Plastic containers ate ideal for

Food storage. Vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and milk products can be stored in plastic containers.

Feed stock, such as oil, fuel and much more. Plastic containers are high chemicals and acids resistable.

Tools, metal ware and other small parts.

 We offer you two types of plastic containers.

First you can by industrial containers. They differ from others on storage time and resistance to mechanical stress. Being putted on each other the are on help for space saving.  Special made box top with tag pocket will help you in items arrangement for easier searching.

Second, you can buy food containers. They are specified by staff they are made of – low pressure polyethylene. They can be used for safe food storage at length.