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META MULTIPAL S profile goods racks are optimal for storing in a standing position of heavy wooden profile, strips, panels, bars, as the longitudinal and transverse beams of the frame are able withstand heavy loads. Intheirturn, META MINI - RACK L is recommended for storage of light items in standing position.

 1. META MINI-RACK L – for light loads: 


  • Frame heigth – up to 3000 mm,
  • Frame depth - 500 mm.
  • Crossbeams length - 1400 mm
  • Clip-on holders (separating arms)
  • depth - 400 mm.
  • Angle of inclination of uprights: 6°
  • max. lateral load supported: 50 kg
  • Surface: Frame RAL 7035, light grey
  • bracing galvanised, beams RAL
  • 7035 light grey, clip-on holders
  • (separating arms) galvanised

   2 . META MULTIPAL S for heavy loads:

  •  Frame beams are able to withstand a heavy loads.
  • Uprights inclination: max 10°,maximum load - 200 kg.
  • Surface: uprights: galvanized, crossbeams: RAL 2001, orange.

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