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Warehouse plastic containers System 7000 are intended for small parts and article storage. They are made in Russia and are most cost-competitive. To be used with racks they provide the highest comfort and functionality of storage space, especially aligned.

To stack up to 3 containers at once. By the fixation type they are easy to place vertically and to be used in warehouse automated systems. There are special tags pockets for faster article search.

The containers are made from polypropylene, the temperature range varies between -20 and +80 °C, are the most chemicals, acids and combustible&lubricants resistable. Standart color is red, blue. Special coloration only customized by 1000 pieces. 



7924 - 
Dimensions: 96x105x45 mm
Capacity - 0,2
7968 - 
Dimensions: 170х105х75 mm 
Capacity - 1
7967 - Dimensions: 250х148х130 mm Capacity - 3,7

7962 - 
Dimensions: 290х230х150 mm 
Capacity - 8
7963 - 
Dimensions: 400х230х150 mm Capacity - 11

7964 - Dimensions: 500х230х150 mm 
Capacity - 13
7965 - Dimensions: 500х310х183 mm Capacity- 20

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