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Perse, "Metbiz" Companyistheofficialdistributor of META productsin Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region. Our company is open for cooperation in order to satisfy demands of the market.

Candidate company requirements:

1. Morethan 2 yearsof experienceinthefield of shelving equipment sales.

2. Existence of an own office with a dedicated phone line and internet site.

3. Existence of the ware house (the absence of warehouse is not an obstacle to the dealership relations, in this case, the dealer gets the prices from our company's warehouse, the cost of delivery of products to the warehouse of dealer are discussed separately.)

4. Collaborative promotions, marketing research and seminars.

5. We offer following services:

  • Measurements of the facilities and consultancy.
  • Calculation of optimal planning of the facilities.
  • Transportation and rigging services.
  • Services for assembling and disassembling of shelving equipment.

How to begin partnership relations:

Send a letter to

Attach the following:

  • Firmdescription (strongpoints, capacities, implemented projects)
  • Companydetails (fullname, TIN, IEC, legal address, banking details, title and name of the director, web site, telephone)
  • CopyofStateRegistrationCertificate
  • Copy of Tax Authority Registration Certificate
  • Copiesofrentalcontractsorcertificate of facility ownership (exhibition hall, office or warehouse)

Dealers will get:

- Dealers discounts

- Free consultancy

- Companyinfoon

- Various forms of payment

- The opportunity to participate in exhibitions, seminars and other events.

- Promotionalmaterials

- Stafftraining

- Providing timely information update on stocks

- The have the right to book the products