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avto2_1.jpgTo meet the needs of the car business META Comapny manufactures a special series of rack systems. These solutions allow to easily equip a small auto parts store or repair area, as well as a large dealership center or car showroom.

The main tasks that are successfully solved by using META shelving are:

  • The organization point-of-use storage of wide range of auto parts.
    Maximum utilization of the warehouse space.
  • Convenient and easy access to any unit of storage loads.
  • Special solutions for storing of all types of spare parts.
  • A large set of essential accessories, including a variety of dividers, trays, brackets plastic  boxes, shelves and trays for storage and processing.
  • Ability to create multi-tier storage systems of mezzanine type.
  • Organizing of storage of heavy and oversized cargo.
  • Racks for storing tires and wheels.

Mobile racks that allow to save warehouse space by more than 2.5 times.

Available racks modifications: 

  • regular shelving;
  • for tires and wheels storage;
  • for long-goods storage in vertical position (exhaust pipes etc.);
  • for body parts storage;
  • for windshield storage;
  • for storage of paint, oil and other fluids in cans and drums.


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Price - list for tires and wheels racks (111 kb  *.pdf)