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Tool mobile unit drawer

Special metal mobile unit drawers are one of the most effective ways for car repair shop work flow optimization and tools cleanup in garage, cellar or in each repair or work shop.

The Company “Metbiz” offers wide selection of tracks for car repair shops or home use. All products are strong, safe, long lived, capasious and easy to use.

At our place you can buy tool track made from high corrosion resistable steel, wich can be used not only as storage but also as a transportation facility. That’s why our tracks are provided by special rubberized wheels and brakes.

The mobile unit drawer helps you to keep up your car repair shop, garage or warehouse to make your work process more effective and well coordinated and not to waste time for tools of necessity searching. Another advantage of steel track is its small size to clear more space.

Price difference is a question of track type and its functionality (there are special track modifikations: for transportation and storage of oversized equipment, ballons etc.) and of sections, shelves and nests number.