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For tools storage and transportation for miller, turning, drilling, plate-bending, coordinate puncher machines.

With a 1,5 gauge steel panels fabricated bogie frame for high load characteristic and reliable evidence on manufactures.

Standart side perforation track (9 mm square with 36x36 mm step and 7 mm sphere with 25x36 mm step) for hoocks and holder plate various producers.

With good movability by high diameter wheels (d=125 mm, one castor wheel, one castor wheel with brake, two fixed wheels) and easy-to-use knobs 300mm length on both sides.

Interior perforation step allows to set the shelves both horizontal and at an angle for better work and tool visibility.

For storage miller, turning, drilling machine tools “TOOLEX 200 XS” wich can be equipped with different plastic holder plates for 1) round corner tool DIN 2080, DIN 69871 (or GOST 25827-93 p.2); 2) plane shank tool (miller machine) DIN 69880 (VDI); 3) waxen hollow rod tools; DIN 69893, A и B (HSK); 4) capto-tools; 5) standard.

Summary track load 400 kg

Shelf load 50 kg

Coating type: poweder

Coating color: blue (RAL 5005), dark grey (RAL 7046)

2 years of warranty

Height 1207

Width 834

Depth 613

Color: combines blue (RAL 5005)/grey RAL 7046

Weight 58.05