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• META mezzanine – multi-tier shelving system that can be additionally equipped with stairs and elevators.

• With META mezzanine systems, resources of facilities are used most efficiently. You can build over large platform mezzanines, create multi-tier racks, with the ability to use hand carts for moving goods or equipment.

509048606_6.jpg Shelving complex on the
first floor and working
platform on the second floor
1 - tier mezzanine
509048806_6.jpg 2-tier shelving system
2 - tier mezzanine
509127406_6.jpg 3 - tier shelving system
3 - tier mezzanine

Warehouse mezzanine allows the use the height of the storage space. With the ability of fast assembly, this type of equipment increases the area for storage of products without  the need for costly expansion of the building and considered as the most cost-effective  way to increase a capacity of the warehouse.

Metal mezzanines have a lot of advantages and various designs. Since the design of this  equipment is modular and can be easily disassembled, it makes a warehouse mezzanine  deally suitable for rented facilities. It can be installed indoor and outdoor, as a temporary  storage. Up to a certain height, a load bearing capacity the mezzanine, in some cases  reaches up to 2000 kg per square meter.

The mezzanine can be manufactured according to the specific needs of the customer  with the use of elevator cages, crew elevatorы, special stairs, various options of decks  and even lighting. Flexibility of the system allows to use it in any storage facility. Quick  installation and versatility of design does not require additional reconstruction of the  building and gives an opportunity to get additional working space with possibility to look  around of entire warehouse.

Typical set of possible options.
The stability and functionality of all structures shall not exclude an individual design.  Therefore, warehouse mezzanine has applications in a wide range of industries,  especially where there is a need of combining of several types of modular equipment for  the record-keeping of both small and bulky products.

Mezzanines racks are divided into two main types: pass-throug shelving mezzanine and  technical half-story (entresol). Since the versatility of such equipment allows you to  combine a variety of shelving and pallet racks, warehouse mezzanine can be presented as  a multi-tier system that increases the utilization rate of the warehouse area and provides  additional space for operations without reducing access possibilities to each type of  product.

The simplicity of design of warehouse metal mezzanines may allow to move office  spaces above the rack system or to create a platform for further production or assembly.

In this case, the rack complex is located on the first floor and the platform - on the  second. As requirements change, industrial platform quickly added to the necessary spots  of the room.

Developing a mezzanine for storage, including the system of stairs or vertical lifts, can  improve the workflow. Due to the high ratio of strength and safety of structures, storage  equipment of this type allows you to use heavy machinery and stamps at any level.

Warehouse mezzanine can be used in any industry that will allow to arrange the production and storage of products under one roof. This is implemented by having a free  standing mezzanine, which represents a technical half storey of entresol type. The free  space located above the floor will be effectively involved, if you place there a warehouse  mezzanine. This may be the most economical solution. The design features of the steel  used in manufacturing of the mezzanine, can withstand both light and heavy loads.
"META St. Petersburg" Comapny offers innovative ideas on the use of a mezzanine for  warehouse. We carry-out a full range of services for the design and installation of this  versatile storage system in a room of any size. With years of experience, our experts not  only produce a measurement of the storage area and will make all the design work, but  also carry out delivery and full maintenance.

Thanks to our "META" equipment, you will be able to double the existing storage areas  capacity, establish a new warehouse for storage of documents or products, get new work  platforms, as well as additional office space. Installation of the warehouse mezzanine  will be made quickly and in a timely manner, as it has modular design and allows the  combination with any existing storage system.