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Wide span racks more space!

There is no difference whether the object is stored in lying or standing position: a large, oversized or particularly heavy items can be stored on the META MINI - RACK wide - span racks. And for trade, industry and handicraft production, META offers a reasonable solution - META SPEED - RACK. Equal - sided, symmetrical angle sections are best suited for maintenance - simple in planning, stretching and assembly.

We offer two types of such shelving systems:

1.) SPEED - RACK - wide span racks are ideal for storing light to medium-load bulky goods in business, trade, and industry. With its simple and basic design, the boltless rack provides highly varied storage possibilities and is very easy and user-friendly to plan and set up. At the same time, the all - round edge protection and floor anchorage ensure a high degree of reliability.

2.)META MINI - RACK alternative to pallet racks!