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Dimensions: 1617x562x648 mm

Weight 66,65 kg

Max load up to 400 kg

Dimensions of use (widthxdepth) 420x580

Wheels d = 100 mm (3 castor wheels, 1 castor wheel with brake)

Containers applicable for tools support assembly Facom, USAG, Beta, KinTony, TengTools, Jonesway, Gedore, Polar, Force, Licota, Mastak, Aist etc

Easy-to-use rod for moving and placing under table.

Telescopic rails for full extention

Mobile unit drawer load 400 kg

Retrackable drawer load 30 kg

Complication: mobile unit, metal tray with oil and fuel resistable pad, front knob, whell set, perforated screen, key holder plate, shelf 550/160

Wheels d=100 mm, castor wheels (one with park brake)

Speciality: can be puted on each other, fixing system in set

Lock type: сilinder steel lock with dead bolt

Drawers with telescopic rails for full extantion

Coating type: powder

2 years of warranty